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Medical Tips

Use a cushion while sitting to relieve your back pain

10 Tips For The Effective Reduction Of Ongoing Back Pain

Most adults have endured back pain at one time or another. For some, it’s an existing condition due to arthritis, scoliosis or osteoporosis. Others experience back pain because of an injury such as from lifting something heavy, moving too abruptly or bending in an awkward position. Still others acquire...

10 natural remedies for knee pain

How To Effectively Manage Ongoing Knee Pain

Knee pain can limit your movements and keep you from performing your daily activities. Aside from the persistent ache, you may also experience some stiffness, and inflammation, plus you may find it hard to be up on your feet. Common causes of knee pain include pre-existing injuries to the...

Natural way to relieve neck pain exercises

How To Reduce Neck Pain Naturally

Common causes of neck pain include inappropriate sleeping positions, sitting for long periods, and incorrect posture. The ache and swelling can also extend to other parts of the body such as the shoulders, back and even the head. Since medication may not be enough to relieve the pain especially...

Tens Machine

10 Ways To Relieve Shoulder Pain Without Medication

Whether it happened as a result of improper posture, a health problem, or an injury, shoulder pain can affect your upper body mobility and be quite a nuisance to everyday life. Some of the most common causes of shoulder pain are joint problems, stiffness and swelling, a tear in the muscle,...




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