Crutches Hire Adelaide

Medimart stores stock a complete range of crutches for Adelaide residents to hire or buy, including underarm crutches, forearm crutches and elbow crutches (often referred to as arthritis crutches).

We’d love to help you with affordable Adelaide crutches hire!

Crutches Hire Cost

All our crutches are available for hire, starting at a low price of $10 per week! Call 1300 633 063 or click here for your local store.

Guide to hiring crutches

Underarm vs Forearm

Most people have experience with using regular underarm crutches. They’re the most common type and are generally used by individuals recovering from lower limb injuries. The other type of crutch you can hire is a forearm crutch. These have and open cuff that grips your forearm during use.

In terms of major differences, forearm crutches require a touch more upper body strength to use. Underarm crutches are easier to use initially, but forearm crutches give you a bit more control and maneuverability over your movement.

Fitting your crutches

Your local medimart staff can help you with fitting your crutches.

When standing up straight, your elbows should be bent between 15 and 30 degrees with your hand on the handle. Crutches that don’t fit properly can be uncomfortable but helping you get fitted is all part of our service!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to hire crutches?

Adelaide Medimart stores hire crutches for the affordable price of $10 per week. This includes underarm crutches, forearm crutches and elbow or arthritis crutches.

Are forearm crutches easier to use?

People generally find that forearm crutches are great options for long-term use. Both underarm and forearm crutches require some upper body strength to use but most individuals can manage them without issue. Forearm crutches require just a little more upper body strength and coordination than regular crutches.

Call 1300 633 063 for your nearest Medimart store to enquire about hiring crutches.