10 natural remedies for knee pain

How To Effectively Manage Ongoing Knee Pain

Knee pain can limit your movements and keep you from performing your daily activities. Aside from the persistent ache, you may also experience some stiffness, and inflammation, plus you may find it hard to be up on your feet. Common causes of knee pain include pre-existing injuries to the knee and medical conditions like gout and arthritis.

Other than medication, here are some other recommended methods for treating knee pain.


  1. Drink lemon water

Drink lemon water for knee pain

Lemon can aid in bringing down the swelling. Slice a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a glass of water. Do this first thing in the morning and drink it up before eating anything.

  1. Choose the right shoes

Choose the right choose for knee pain

Standing for long periods while wearing uncomfortable shoes will put pressure on your knees. This is especially true if you suffer from conditions like a high arches or flat feet. Be sure to select shoes that are appropriate for your foot type.

  1. Apply a cold compress on the area

Ice therapy for knee remedies

The cold will decrease the swelling by limiting the flow of blood to the knee. It also helps alleviate the pain. Hold the cold compress against your knee for several minutes a couple of times per day.

  1. Make a paste with fenugreek seeds

Make a paste with Fenugreek for knee pain remedies

Fenugreek seeds can help relieve pain caused by arthritis. Crush the seeds into powder and use a couple of teaspoons mixed with water to create a thick paste. Smear the paste onto your knee and then wash it off after half an hour. Do this treatment two times a day.

  1. Take glucosamine and chondroitin supplements

Take glucosamine and chondroitin Supplements to help relieve knee pain

Many users of these supplements report a marked decrease in knee pain. Glucosamine extracted from shellfish and chondroitin taken from sharks or cows support the healing and recovery of the cartilage in our joints.

  1. Use cayenne pepper to make a paste

Use cayenne pepper and turn into a paste to relieve knee pain

The capsaicin in cayenne pepper is a natural analgesic and is thought to assist with the reduction of knee pain. Use cayenne pepper powder combined with olive oil to make a thick paste and spread this on your knee – worth a shot!

  1. Supplement with willow bark

Take Willow Bark for treatment of knee pain remedies

Another supplement that works for knee pain is willow bark. This herb is useful for fighting inflammation and pain. You can consume willow bark tea or supplements but make sure to follow the recommended dose.

  1. Massage with mustard oil

Massage Mustard Oil into knee injuries for a natural remedy

Mustard oil can increase the flow of blood in the area and decrease pain. Try heating up a couple of tablespoons of the oil together with a clove of garlic that’s been chopped and wait for the garlic to cook. Let the oil cool and then remove the garlic. Massage the liquid onto your knee afterwards.

  1. Do knee exercises

Perform knee exercises for a natural remedy

Exercises will help strengthen your knees and increase the mobility of your joints. Be sure to choose low impact exercises that will not place too much tension on your knees, but always remember that the best way to boorish a joint is to keep it moving!

  1. Support the joint

Always support your knee joint for knee injuries

Sometimes things get to a point where a little help by way of a knee support brace is required. If you’ve been experiencing knee troubles for some time, a knee sleeve or knee support brace can help cradle the joint, provide additional support, compression and warmth – All good for relieving pain. There are plenty of great options around and the best part is – knee supports are quite affordable!