Natural way to relieve neck pain exercises

How To Reduce Neck Pain Naturally

Common causes of neck pain include inappropriate sleeping positions, sitting for long periods, and incorrect posture. The ache and swelling can also extend to other parts of the body such as the shoulders, back and even the head. Since medication may not be enough to relieve the pain especially if it’s constant, here are some other remedies that are effective in helping you cope.

Natural Neck Pain Relief Options

  1. Try water therapy

Natural Pain Reliever water

The slight pressure of running water will relax swollen or tired muscles and promote blood flow. To use water therapy, stay in the shower and run warm water on your neck for several minutes. Afterwards, change the water to cold and let it run on your neck for a minute.

  1. Add turmeric to your drink

Natural way using turmeric to relieve neck pain

The curcumin in turmeric aids in reducing swelling and pain. It’s also effective in increasing the flow of blood in the body to support recovery from injury. Try stirring a teaspoon of turmeric powder with your tea or make a drink from a mix of turmeric powder, milk and honey.

  1. Perform neck exercises

Natural way to relieve neck pain exercises

Begin with moving your neck slowly in a clockwise motion and then counterclockwise, pausing between each round to avoid overstressing your muscles. Another exercise is to move your head gently backward and forward and from one side to the other.

  1. Consume more ginger

Relieve neck pain using ginger

One more spice also known for its ability to fight inflammation is ginger. It helps minimize the swelling and pain in your muscles. There are different ways to drink ginger. You may boil slices of ginger then mix the liquid with some honey. Powdered ginger is available as well.

  1. Apply a cold compress

Natural treatment for pain relief

If you don’t have a cold compress available, you can still improvise by placing ice cubes in a plastic bag and then covering it with a thin hanky or face towel. Apply the cold compress on your neck for around 15 minutes and repeat at 2 hour intervals for up to 48 hours. NOTE – this is typically only advised for new injuries and as always, seek the advice of a medical professional for injuries to the neck muscles.

  1. Massage with lavender oil

Controls and relaxes body for a natural pain reliever

When combined with massage, lavender oil significantly controls pain and relaxes the body more quickly. Rub a few drops of the lavender oil alone or with a carrier oil on your neck, head and shoulders for several minutes.

  1. Consume magnesium-rich food

Many people are not aware that a deficiency in magnesium contributes to the weakening of the muscles, making it more susceptible to injury. You may take magnesium supplements under the advice of your doctor or you can eat more foods with magnesium such as leafy greens and whole wheat bread.

  1. Consult a massage therapist

Natural way to relieve pain is to get a massage

With the guidance of a massage therapist, you can receive soothing massage to loosen stiff and tight muscles and minimise pain. And besides, who doesn’t love a massage, right?!

  1. Change your pillow

Change your pillow to relieve your pain

Improper sleeping position can be a likely a cause of neck pain. It’s important to choose the right pillow so you can sleep soundly and support your neck fully. A pillow that’s too soft can’t keep your neck and spine properly aligned while a pillow that’s too hard will feel uncomfortable. Find just the right amount of softness for your needs.

  1. Add Epsom salt to your bath

Have an Epsom Salts bath to relieve any muscular pain naturally

Aside from water therapy using the shower, you can immerse your body in a bath mixed with Epsom salt. Do this for several minutes every day and you’ll notice the decrease in pain. This is due to the magnesium sulfate found in Epsom salt which aids in relaxing the muscles.

Try TENS Therapy

Did you know that TENS units are a low-cost way to manage ongoing pain at home? TENS therapy is a method to reduce your body’s perception of pain so it is a great way to treat symptoms of many injuries, without resorting to medication. We stock a complete range of TENS machines and all the top brands, including Omron.

Below is an image of tens therapy for neck pain – it’s safe and painless, along with being a low-cost way to self-manage neck pain.

Use Tens Machine to relieve Neck Pain