Molift products are renowned for their ergonomic architecture, function, and product design, providing five star services to assist those living with limited or restricted mobility. This company Products are known for their simple and innovative design, quality, reliability, and functionality. Using only the highest quality production methods and materials, Molift hoists and slings are designed with the end user in mind. With both medical and rehabilitation specialists, industrial designers, and clients being involved in the design, architecture, and testing of the product to ensure that only the most functional, reliable, and ergonomic product is produced.


Molift Smart 150 Portable Patient Lifter

Awarded for Design Excellence in Europe, the Molift Smart 150 is a foldable, lightweight, portable patient lifter designed to be easily wheeled and transported. As it is a travel hoist, it is ideally suited for use in home care, for travelling, transporting in a car or to be easily stored. When folded, the Molift Smart portable hoist is compact enough to fit into a Toyota Yaris With a lifting range of 27 – 168 cm (10.6" – 66.1") the Smart 150 provides an excellent maximum lifting height and at the same time gets low enough to facilitate lifting from the floor. The 4-point sling bar is standard and guarantees the patient hoist gives a comfortable lifting position for the user with ample space around the head area thereby eliminating any risk of the head bumping into the sling bar or the user swinging side to side. With the combination of sling and sling bar, the user will slide into a natural, correct seating position, from lying to sitting and vice versa.

Mover 180 Patient Lifter

The Molift Mover 180 is an all round patient lifter suited to home care, aged care and hospital use. This Mover 180 patient lifter has a lightweight aluminium construction that makes this lifter easy to manoeuvre and easier on caregivers whilst offering a safe working load of 180kgs. A large lifting range, 27 – 163 cm (10.6" – 64.2") allows lifting from the highest beds as well as from the floor. This mobile patient lifter can be supplied with 2 or 4 point sling bar. Ergonomically correct: This patient lift is designed with both the user and the caregiver in mind. The ergonomically designed unique push bar handle provides flexible grip and multiple positions. The Mover 180 is powered by Molift’s unique NiMH environmentally friendly batteries. This mobile patient lifter, like all Molift lifters is equipped with a service notification system that lets you know when a service is due based on actual usage. When used in conjunction with the Molift service tool, data relating to lifter usage and patterns can be extracted.

Gantry Systems


Molift have recently developed the Duo and Quattro range of gantry or portable ceiling hoists.  This style of hoist is ideally suited to clients who may be in rented accommodation or have premises that are not suited to a conventional ceiling hoist installation.

Gantry systems can be erected in minutes and provide all of the basic functionality of an installed rail.

The Duo and Quattro is a robust and flexible free standing gantry system for use in situations where a permanently installed rail is not possible. It is very easy to erect without the need for fastenings or fixtures to the existing structure. The system has a lifting capacity of up to 300 kg and can be used with both the Molift ceiling hoists.

Duo System

Suitable for all bed and room sizes

This 2 post gantry system has a rail length between 200 cm (78,7″) and 350 cm (137,8″) and has 4 step adjustable height up to 255 cm (100,4″), making this free standing hoist unit suitable for all bed and room sizes.

Quattro System

Two options

Quattro can be delivered in two sizes: 3×3 meters and 4×4 meters. The length of the posts are fixed and the height is 2.46 m.


These products are designed to give caregivers the best support and an optimal working environment. The aim is to supply equipment that facilitates moving and handling and that reduces the need to do heavy manual handling and lifting, to complete one mission; give caregivers better health.


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