Adjustable 'Handy
Lines' Sizes
To Fit Anyone

Mrs Pegg’s portable indoor/outdoor clotheslines/drying racks are the perfect alternative to conventional clotheslines, electric dryers and airers. Easy to carry, Mrs. Pegg’s portable Handy Lines can be placed anywhere outside but best of all, they are perfect for indoors, especially in apartments to capitalise on household heating and save on energy bills. Mrs Pegg’s portable indoor/outdoor clothesline can pay for itself in energy costs.

Use Indoor & Outdoor!
All Weather Resistant
Portable – Fold & Hang

Axe Your Electricity Bill Without Sacrificing Space or Looks!

It’s so easy to “pull the plug” on your electric dryer and use a Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line! Air drying washing doesn’t cost a cent, is kinder to clothes and our planet.

Room for 2
Full Loads of Washing

It’s amazing how much washing the Handy Line will hold – 4 king sheets will fit on the large line, while the smaller line holds 4 queen sheets.


Light in Weight
High in Usability

The Handy Line can easily be moved, clothes and all, to chase the sun or moved inside where household heating can be utilized. Think of the energy saved!

Many of us live in more confined spaces and find that when the washing is dry, the Handy Line is so easy to fold. Just fold it up and hang it up!

What Customers are
Saying about the Mrs Peggs Handy Line

I have received it on time and well packed. This is the most wonderful invention since the Toaster and I love it.
I will readily recommend it to all my friends who are suffering in WA's wettest winter and need an indoor option.

Light and easy to move around the garden, it is sturdy, strong and doesn't blow over. It handles sheets and towels easily while being compact. It is a good replacement for my broken rotary hoist. highly recommended.

I sold my first big one because we were moving to an apartment but then needed a smaller one. Wouldn’t buy any other brand. So very well made. Easy to store and easy to use.

Wendy Blinco
Melissa Watson