Commode Chair Buying Guide

A commode chair is designed to give you a portable toilet that you can also use as a chair. It features a lid to accommodate your legs, buttocks, and back. In this guide, you will know all the information that you need when buying the right commode chair for you.


Lightweight commode chairs are typically made of aluminum steel, and are reinforced by acrylic. This composition lessens the chair’s overall weight, and improves its portability. T makes it convenient for people who cannot use the conventional toilet.


A typical commode has a backrest, legs, a snap-on lid, and an armrest. The seat is mounted perfectly to accommodate the buttocks, with a hole to give way to the waste materials. The pale-shaped bucket collects these wastes and keeps them in place. The back is normally supported by a U-shape design that supports the back, and is detachable for easy storage.


Today’s technology has allowed the latest commode chair models to have a flush system. The chemicals are combined with the waste to neutralize the foul smell. Other models have a special device that converts watery wastes into an easily-collectible dry matter. These high-tech models, however, tend to be more expensive than the basic designs.

Comfort and stability

A commode chair must be flexible, maneuverable, and stowable. While there are many models out there that look durable, comfort should still be considered. Stability and comfort must go hand-in-hand to allow the chair to serve its purpose well.


A good commode must offer various functions. Some of today’s models now incorporate the wheel chair features. The chair must be able to promote mobility without the user worrying about the nearest toilet facility.

Ease of cleaning

Most models are not coated to resist stains and dirt. This makes cleaning difficult and time-consuming. Look for a commode that uses non-stick paint to make the surface stain-resistant and easy to clean.

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