Tennis Elbow Brace Buying Guide

Elbow injuries are common among those who enjoy sports like tennis and golf. If you are new to any of these sports, then you will want to take preventive measures to avoid encountering injuries later on. Wearing an elbow brace will keep the joints healthy and efficient. Wearing the right one will help minimise your risk of injury, and this article has all the information that you need when looking for the best elbow brace.

Benefits of wearing a tennis elbow brace

There are three great reasons why you should wear this brace:

  • To encourage and speed up the healing process: The injured area must be protected as it heals up, and simple chores can delay the progress. Wearing a brace fit for long-term wear will promote blood flow, and prevent the daily activities from setting you back.
  • For injury prevention: You will save plenty of money when you invest in supportive braces to prevent injury. It will also save you from temporary retirement from your beloved sport because your body needs to heal.
  • For affordability: Not everyone is delighted to see their doctor or physiotherapist. A visit to the clinic will cost you more money than investing in a supportive brace. If you are already injured, you can speed up the healing process without breaking the bank. Purchasing an elbow brace will not rob your wallet, especially when you purchase a reliable brand and the right design.

Types of elbow braces

Before heading out to make a purchase, you must know the two major types of elbow braces:

Adjustable brace with straps

This brace provides the most support out of the three, but it will slightly limit your range of motion. It has straps above and below that you can adjust to fit your arm size, and maximise the compression. It is the recommended option for people suffering from serious injuries.

Sleeve support

This type is the most versatile option, so far. There are plenty of supportive sleeves available out there, but most of them will provide adequate compression, protection, heat protection, and support. This type offers light to moderate support, depending on the material. The common materials include bamboo, nylon, and neoprene. However, the bamboo option is perfect for long term wear as it is safe on the skin and is breathable.

Knowing which type suits you

How do you know which type is best for you? Generally, an adjustable brace with straps is recommended for long-term elbow issues. The sleeve type, meanwhile, is great for injury prevention. It is best to get your doctor’s recommendation on which brace type matches your injury treatment or prevention plan. 

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