Knee Brace Buying Guide

A knee brace is worn to protect the knees from injury or speed up the healing process. With tons of styles available today, finding the right supportive brace can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. This article will help you decide which type of brace will best match your knee protection needs.

What is your injury type?

The first thing to do when searching for the right knee brace is to determine what injury you currently have. If you are unsure of your knee issues, then immediately seek medical advice.

Wearing a knee brace that is not designed for your particular injury can just make things worse. Most supportive braces available today are designed for the common injuries, like ACL, arthritis, and post-surgery.

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Types of knee support braces

How to find the best knee brace for you…

Knee braces are categorised into four major types:

  1. support
  2. sleeve
  3. hinge
  4. stabiliser

The knee sleeve type requires the right sizing, and can be easily slipped over the knee. The support type, meanwhile, is adjustable and is typically wrapped around the area to provide compression and warmth. The stabiliser type uses steel springs, which can be found on both sides, to provide additional support. The hinged type, lastly, contains hinges that let the knee move properly for the most advanced support.

Which between an open- and closed-patella design do you prefer?

There are two designs that you must keep in mind: closed patella and open patella. The closed patella design will focus on providing compression on the whole knee area, including the knee cap. The open patella design, on the other hand, takes out the pressure on the knee cap. Some open patella braces allow for proper movement and tracking of the knee cap.

What size is right for you?

The size of your knee brace will depend on the type of brace your choose. Each type will have its own set of sizing chart to ensure proper fit. If you ever find yourself between two sizes, it is usually recommended that you buy the larger one of the two.

What style do you want?

There are two basic knee brace styles: wrap-around and slip-on. The slip-on style slides onto your knee by pulling it up from your foot. As mentioned earlier, this style is sized and an ideal fit is crucial for proper support. The wrap-around style, meanwhile, can be placed in front or behind your knee, depending on the type, and can be adjusted using the Velcro straps.

Keep these tips in mind and you can easily buy your knee brace in no time. 

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