Pregnancy Support Belt Buying Guide

Because of the weight in your uterus from your growing baby, it’s common to have hip or back pain.  To remedy this, a pregnancy support belt may be recommended.   How do you choose the best pregnancy support belt?  Take a look at this guide.

1.  How comfortable does it feel?

Your belt needs to be made of comfortable material with a softer inner layer.  This will make it easier to wear for hours at a time.

2.  What kind of support does it provide?

Choose the belt that provides the most support on your problem areas, whether it’s the hip or lower back.  Support may also be moderate or stronger depending on the extent of your existing pain.

3.  How sturdy is it?

Look for a belt made of durable material that can adequately support your belly, plus the belt should be less susceptible to wearing out over time.  It must also keep your body in the correct posture.

4.  What sizes are available?

Belts may come in small, medium, large or extra large sizes.  Measure yourself before buying your belt.  It’s essential to choose the correct size that fits you well, feels comfortable and provides the best support.

5.  How easy is it to wear?

Take into consideration as well whether the belt is easy to put on and easy to remove.  Does it look conspicuous when you’re wearing it under your clothes?  It must not be too restricting either or it will be hard for you to move around.

6.  How can you keep it clean?

Make sure you wash your belt regularly.  You can choose between belts that are machine-washable and those that need to be washed by hand.  You might want to buy at least two belts to use alternately.

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