Catheters & Catheter Bags
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Medimart Australia offers the best catheter bags for those who suffer from incontinence. Our medical-grade products are designed to keep your drainage flexible, comfortable and secure while you use it discreetly at home or in public. We also have a variety of non-sterile options available online so that our customers can shop with ease!

What Is a catheter bag?

A short-term catheter is usually used to allow your bladder to rest if it is full of urine or blood after surgery. It sometimes helps you urinate better by keeping urine in your bladder instead of leaking out around the catheter tube because of damage to the muscles that control urinary function. A long-term catheter may be placed after surgery to allow your bladder time to heal.

Your catheter is placed into the bladder. One end of the catheter remains outside the body and is taped to your leg or abdomen. The other end extends through a small plastic opening in the abdominal wall into the bladder, where it is secured with a balloon or a special lock called a “hazelnut.” The drainage bag attaches to this end of the catheter via an extension.

If you do not need to use your catheter bag and drainage bag, keep it clean and dry. If you still have questions about these devices even after reading this article, ask your doctor for more information.

Short-term catheters are usually removed once or twice a day for cleaning and drying; long-term catheters may be left in the bladder until you go home from the hospital.