Moon Boots
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The moon boot is designed with a rigid shell to immobilise your foot and ankle, decreasing pain and swelling. This decreases the healing time following injuries or surgical procedures by up to 50%. A MoonBoot, also known as a CAM boot (Comfortably Assisted Mobility), is an orthosis that serves to support the ankle while aiding in rehabilitation from certain injuries such as fractures or sprains.

A Moon Boot is a specially designed orthosis that helps to protect your feet and ankles. It can help with certain injuries by stabilizing the ankle, giving support when walking or running on uneven terrain like cobblestone paths in cities where there’s constant Slippery When Wet (SWW) conditions; it also provides compression for healing purposes after an accident has occurred due to its waterproofing capabilities!

Where to buy Moonboots?

You can buy Medical Moon Boots from Medimart using AfterPay today!

If you have recently suffered an ankle or foot injury, it is important to speak with a medical professional or Physio about whether a moon boot is the right footwear for you. These boots can be purchased at Medimart, and they are also often available for rent from local medical supply stores. Moonboots are a key part of your recovery process, so make sure to use them as instructed by your doctor.