How To Find The Best CPAP Machine

Many people in Australia suffer from sleep apnea or other breathing ailments. If you experience the same, you should check with your doctor about getting a home sleep test. A sleep test can identify if you suffer from sleep apnea and therefore require a CPAP Machine.

In many cases, Medicare covers the cost of a home sleep study so you’ve got nothing to lose! You local Medimart store can do your sleep test for you!

CPAP Machines

If you qualify for a sleep therapy machine. This type of machine can benefit your breathing patterns and quality of sleep greatly, giving you a better quality of life.

The most common sleep therapy machine is the CPAP -continuous positive airway pressure- machine. And if it is your first time choosing one, it can seem a little complicated, but fear not – we’re here to guide you through your options.

Buying Guide

Below is a brief guide to the various components of a sleep apnea machine.

The ventilator

CPAP machines come in three different versions. Even though they are all commonly called CPAP machines, only the first model is correctly named like that. The difference between these three models is how the airflow is delivered to the user.

The three variants are:

  • CPAP
  • APAP
  • BiPAP

The CPAP is hardwired to deliver a constant airflow to the user with a fixed pressure. If you are looking for a cheap cpap machine, they are the most common machines and are also the cheapest.

The APAP – automatic positive airway pressure – machine works in a similar way to CPAP machines, but the APAP will change the air pressure throughout the night to use the lowest pressure possible.

Finally, the BiPAP – also known as Bilevel machines – are machines specifically designed for people that need higher air pressure breathing in, but a lower effort when breathing out.

These types of machines, also known as ventilators, are the most important decision that you will make when you buy a sleep therapy machine.

The Mask

The next important thing is the CPAP mask. We stock all the latest CPAP masks for sale at Medimart – You can buy online or in store.

We guide you through choosing the right mask for you as it is equally as important as choosing the right ventilator.

There are three types of masks:

  • a nasal pillow mask
  • a nasal mask
  • and a full-face mask

Each one of them is bigger than its predecessor. A nasal pillow mask will be placed comfortably at your nostrils.

A nasal mask will cover most of your nose.

Finally, a full-face mask will cover your mouth and nose, leaving everything from your eyes and above exposed. A full-face mask is recommended if you regularly breathe through your mouth.

You must get the right mask suited for you, as this needs to be a comfortable experience. Otherwise, you might start to feel the urge not to use the CPAP machine and you will not get the benefits from it.

To pick the right one you may want to take into account comfort, facial structure, facial hair and if you suffer from claustrophobic anxiety.

The masks come in different standard sizes, but the most comfortable option is to get your mask professionally fitted.

Other accessories

The CPAP machine will need a tube to connect the ventilator to the mask. It comes in two versions: heated and unheated. The heated tube prevents moisture from happening in the mask.

You also need to take into account whether you are going to use a humidifier or not. This element is optional, but it also provides greater comfort, as it warms the air that will travel from the ventilator into your body.

Travel and Portable CPAP Machines

Naturally, if you are planning a holiday, or perhaps caravanning or camping, you may be wondering about a portable cpap machine or travel cpap machine. The good news is, they are available.

You can purchase a travel CPAP and even a portable cpap machine for camping. There are plenty of options!

CPAP Machine Cost

Wondering to yourself, how much does a CPAP machine cost?

A CPAP machine price will vary according to the kind of ventilator, mask, and accessories you are going to buy. You can pick one up for around $1700 but with discounts and specials available, it’s worthwhile giving your local Medimart store a call!

If the sleep apnea machine cost seems a little out of your immediate budget, your local medimart store will also be able to help you with CPAP hire, which is an affordable way to get a sleep apnea machine.

But it will be probably around $400 and $1500 for a complete set.

Brands Available

We stock the latest machines from the top brands, including:

  • Philips CPAP Machines
  • Resmed CPAP Machines
  • Fisher & Paykel CPAP Machines

Find the best CPAP machine today at Medimart online or in store.

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