Arjo Carendo – Multipurpose Hygiene Chair

Arjo Carendo – Multipurpose Hygiene Chair

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Variations and Accessories

Carendo Hygiene System | Electric (SWL 136kg) – comes with 2 batteries, seat and back cushion

Seat Cushion (available as a replacement part)

Back Cushion (available as a replacement part)

Head cushion


Battery Charger

Purpose and Benefits

The Carendo multipurpose hygiene chair facilitates an efficient hygiene and showering routine within a single transfer, while allowing a comfortable working posture for the caregiver throughout the process.

Carendo is designed to enable a single caregiver to perform the full hygiene routine, including dressing and undressing, toileting, showering and other hygiene tasks in a single transfer.

Height-adjustable and reclining, Carendo allows the caregiver and resident to reach their preferred height and position throughout the hygiene routine.


Carendo is designed to allow a single caregiver to perform the full hygiene care routine without additional equipment or assistance, including showering, toileting, hair washing, foot care, managing compression stockings, changing of incontinence pads and other discreet hygiene tasks, dressing and undressing, and transfer to and from the shower area.

Allows caregiver to reach preferred working height throughout the hygiene routine.

Dignified care
The Care Raiser function enables you to gently lift your patient or resident’s lower body with the touch of a button, allowing access for performing discreet hygiene tasks while maintaining the patient or resident’s dignity.

Enhanced support
The full-length backrest and sturdy armrests provide additional support for patients and residents with reduced upper body stability.

Convenient control
Handset allows caregiver to operate the device while staying close to the resident. Emergency stop and emergency lowering buttons are clearly positioned on the side of the backrest.


Weight and dimensions
Width mm 640 mm
Width in 25,25 in
Weight kg 64 kg
Weight lb 141lb
Total width (incl. side supports) mm 640 mm
Total width (incl. side supports) in 25,25 in
Lifting stroke (hydraulic) mm 550 mm
Lifting stroke (hydraulic) in 21,6 in
Max Height mm 1510 mm
Max Height in 59,5 in
Low Height mm 875 mm
Low Height in 34,5 in
Safe Working Load kg 136 kg
Safe Working Load lb 300 lb
Total length of chassis mm 865 mm
Total length of chassis in 34 lb
Width of chassis (between legs) mm 508 mm
Width of chassis (between legs) in 20 in
Backrest Max Height mm 1550 mm
Backrest Max Height in 61 in
Backrest Min Height mm 1020 mm
Backrest Min Height in 40,12 in
Seat Height low position mm 510 mm
Seat Height low position in 20,12 in
Seat Height High position mm 1050 mm
Seat Height High position in 41,4 in
Min height armrests mm 775 mm
Min height armrests in 30,5 in
Max height armrests mm 1320 mm
Max height armrests in 52 in
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