Arjo Sara 3000 – Standing & Raising Aid

Arjo Sara 3000 – Standing & Raising Aid

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Sara 3000 – comes with 2 batteries, 1 charger and sling (SWL 200kg)

Sara 3000 with Scales – comes with 2 batteries, 1 charger and sling (SWL 190kg)

Standard Sling in – Small OR Medium OR Large OR Extra Large OR Extra Extra Large

Purpose and Benefits

Ergonomically designed standing and raising aid with powered features. Sara 3000 is a standing and raising aid designed specifically to provide additional support and assistance to patients or residents who have some capacity to stand on their own.

  • SINGLE CAREGIVER – Using Sara 3000, a single caregiver can raise the patient into a standing position.
  • SECURE TRANSFERS – Assisted sitting to standing transfers require minimal physical effort from the caregiver.
  • ENHANCING MOBILITY- Using Sara 3000 encourages activity during everyday sitting to standing transfers. Promoting frequent standing can help reduce the secondary effects of immobility.
  • SCALE AS OPTION- Optional suspended scale contributes to an easier weighing routine.
*Available in models with and without scales.*


The powered chassis opens to provide access for transfers. A wheel-lock mechanism on the rear castors secures the lifter during raising and standing routines.

Dual controls on the mast and the hand control. Using the hand control gives the caregiver the opportunity to move and stay close to the patient and maintain good eye contact throughout the process.

The footplate provides a secure platform for the patient’s feet, while the kneepad stabilises the lower legs to enable standing and sitting.

The optional scale saves time by weighing the patient during a transfer.



Max safe working load kg 200 kg
Max safe working load lb 440 lb
Lift Weight (incl battery) kg 62 kg
Lift Weight (incl battery) lb 137 lb
Min total storage height mm 1180 mm
Min total storage height in 46 1/2 in
Min lifting height mm 920 mm
Min lifting height in 36 1/5 in
Max lifting height mm 1710 mm
Max lifting height in 67 1/3 in
External width legs closed mm 625 mm
External width legs closed in 24 5/8 in
External width legs open mm 1000 mm
External width legs open in 39 3/8 in
Internal width leg closed mm 525 mm
Internal width leg closed in 20 5/8 in
Internal width leg open mm 805 mm
Internal width leg open in 44 7/8 in
Leg clearance (floor to top of legs) mm 110 mm
Leg clearance (floor to top of legs) in 4 1/3 in
Chassis clearance (floor to bottom of chassis) mm 40 mm
Chassis clearance (floor to bottom of chassis) in 1 5/8 in
Lift total length mm 1040 mm
Lift total length in 40 7/8 in
Turning radius mm 1035 mm
Turning radius in 40 2/3 in
Lifter protection class IPX4
Handcontrol protection class IPX7
Battery 24V 4Ah
Battery Charge Indicator yes
Service meter – displays the total usage of time (hours) yes
Emergency stop and system failure override yes
Automatic saftety cut out if lowered onto an obstacle yes
Low friction castors, the rear two with breaks yes

Instruction & Info Brochure

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