Aspire Assist 2 Wheelchair


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Purpose & Benefits

Introducing The Aspire Assist 2 Wheelchair – the ultimate wheelchair solution for individuals and healthcare facilities seeking resilience, adaptability, and safety. Whether you’re a private user or a healthcare provider, this chair is meticulously engineered to thrive in high-demand environments, ensuring user comfort, ease, and security.


  • Versatile Arm Rests: The swing-away and removable armrests are more than just a comfort feature. They actively promote safer and smoother user transfers, and when it’s time to pack away or transport the chair, they make the task effortless.
  • Customizable Foot Rests: Adapt to the ever-changing needs of the user with height-adjustable and removable footrests. Whether for transfer, positioning, or a change in user requirements, this chair offers flexibility at your fingertips.
  • Safety-Enhancing Heel Loops: With heel loops fitted on the footrests, user safety is paramount. These loops minimize the risk of feet slipping backward, providing an extra layer of security during use.
  • Quick-Release Tyres: The 24” solid rear tyres are designed with quick-release mechanisms. Whether for transport or storage, you can easily remove the wheels, making the chair more compact and lighter to manage.
  • User-Friendly Brake System: No more struggling with small, hard-to-reach brake handles. The Aspire Assist 2 Wheelchair comes with a large handle rear wheel brake that’s straightforward to engage, offering both convenience and safety in one feature.


CodeDisplay NameSeat DepthSeat WidthBackrest HeightSeat To Floor HeightSafe Working LoadUnit WeightColourMaterial
MWS449300Aspire Assist 2 – 350mm Wide400 mm350 mm440 mm460 – 500 mm140 kg17.3 kgSilverSteel
MWS449310Aspire Assist 2 – 400mm Wide400 mm400 mm440 mm460 – 500 mm140 kg17.5 kgSilverSteel
MWS449320Aspire Assist 2 – 450mm Wide400 mm450 mm440 mm460 – 500 mm140 kg17.7 kgSilverSteel
MWS449330Aspire Assist 2 – 500mm Wide400 mm500 mm440 mm460 – 500 mm140 kg17.9 kgSilverSteel


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