Bed Pole Dawson

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The Dawson bed pole is used to make getting in and out of bed easier. It consists of a lightweight pole shaped so that one end is held securely under the mattress while the other end has two posts on either side which you can use for leverage when pushing yourself up onto your elbows or knees with this stick between them. The Bed stick will give anyone who uses it an extra boost by supporting most people’s weight, ensuring safety during movement around their home

Bed Pole Purpose & Benefits

SECURE BED Pole RAIL SUITABLE FOR ALL: Steel tubular frame providing a looped handle at the side of the mattress to provide assistance with moving and positioning in bed. The bed stick is held firm by the mattress and the weight of the user. Fits under the mattress and is suitable for use on single, double, queen and king size beds.

Key Features

  • Acts as a support to stand
  • For use to suit domestic ensemble or standard mattress beds
  • Provides a support rail for the side of the bed where it is not possible to use a clamp-on type rail
  • Ideal for patients requiring assistance while turning, repositioning or during transfers
  • Slides between mattress and bed base
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Powder coated steel

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