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Homecraft Leg Lifter

Homecraft Leg Lifter

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Purpose & Benefits

The Homecraft Leg Lifter serves as an essential tool for individuals facing limited leg mobility or recovering from leg injuries. It enhances blood circulation and muscle movement, providing valuable assistance in lifting the leg onto a bed, leg-rest, or when entering and exiting a vehicle. The leg lifter has a wide range of uses, making it indispensable for various leg-related mobility challenges.

The Leg Lifter is particularly beneficial for individuals with leg injuries, those recovering from knee or hip replacements or managing lower limb arthritis. By using this leg lifter, users can reduce strain and pressure on their legs, resulting in improved comfort and mobility.

Crafted with durability in mind, the Homecraft Leg Lifter features a reinforced webbing strap. It includes a smaller, softer loop at one end and a firmer, slightly larger loop at the opposite end, ensuring optimal functionality and a long-lasting lifespan for this mobility aid.

Using the Leg Lifter is simple. Place the smaller, softer loop around your wrist or securely hold it in your hand, then position the larger, firmer loop over your foot. Gently pulling the strap allows for effortless leg lifting without strain or discomfort.


  • The Homecraft Leg Lifter incorporates a webbing strap with a reinforced stem, enabling users to move a stiff or immobile leg when utilizing beds, wheelchairs, footstools, and other surfaces.
  • The upper loop comfortably fits around the hand and wrist, while the lower stiffened loop smoothly slides over the foot, providing precise control during leg lifting.

With its exceptional functionality and durability, the Homecraft Leg Lifter offers a reliable and practical solution for individuals seeking assistance with leg mobility. Say goodbye to struggles and discomfort, and embrace the freedom and ease provided by this leg lifter.


  • Dimensions: Length – 864mm, Weight – 78g.

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