Luxa Homecare Bed

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Purpose & Benefits

The Luxa represents the apex of homecare bed design, offering exceptional comfort and care, all the while preserving an individual’s dignity and augmenting the aesthetics of their bedroom.

This bed comes equipped with a multitude of high-quality features. These include a backrest with auto-regression capabilities, a manual vascular support system, and an adjustable height ranging from a lofty 725mm to a mere 100mm. Additionally, it provides the possibility to integrate Bluetooth handsets.

Moreover, it is capable of being upgraded with several optional accessories. Among these are a robust horizontal rail, provisions for the inclusion of self-help poles, lights underneath the bed, and many more.


  • Extremely Low Minimum Position
  • Vertical Lift
  • Auto-Regression Backrest
  • Ash or Ocean Padded Headboard with full
  • Padded Surround


Bed TypeOverall Dimensions (mm)Sleeping Surface (mm)SWL (kg)Low/High Position (mm)Back Angle (degrees)Knee Angle (degrees)Reverse Angle (degrees)Trendelenburg Angle (degrees)
Luxa Homecare2160 x 10002000 x 900250150/72562351515
Luxa King Single2160 x 11702000 x 1070250150/72562351515
Luxa Double2160 x 14702000 x 1370250170/72562351515
Luxa Queen2160 x 16002000 x 1500250170/72562351515


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