Merits 745 Scooter

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    Available in a Plus, Maxi, and Eco version.
    Colour options: Gold, blue, or silver.

    Purpose and Benefits

    745 PLUS Mobility Scooter by Merits Australia is a stylish, modern scooter perfect for those on a budget. The scooter has an adjustable high back contoured seat that allows maximum user convenience with the easy operation of slide and swivel systems.


    • Elegant eye-catching design with an appealing range of contemporary colors.
    • This new design provides ample foot & leg space, including big battery capability.
    • Loop handles give comfortable operation of the finger or thumb throttle
    • Adjustable high-back contoured seat with easy slide and swivelling processes to ensure maximum convenience for the user
    • Infinite adjustment of the steering tiller makes it easy for everyone to find a comfortable place
    • High mount charger socket means easy access when charging
    • 11” wheels which provide extra ground clearance
    • Adjustable suspension to give maximum comfort
    • 4 pole motor delivering more power
    • Adjustable power-saving LED headlight, indicators front and rear, rear taillights and brake lights
    • Built-in speed reduction switch which is activated when turning to offer exceptional safety


    Technical Specs:

    • Max Speed: 10kph/6.25mph
    • Range: 30-40km/20-26mi
    • Turn Radius: 167cm/66“
    • Ground clearance: 10cm/3.9“
    • Motor: DC 24V, 350W (Rating)/ 1200W (Max)
    • Controller: S-Drive 90A
    • Battery: 12V/55 – 60A/H x 2pcs
    • Charger: 4A off-board
    • Gradient: 6°
    • Front wheel: 11“ Pneumatic tire
    • Rear wheel: 11“ Pneumatic tire
    • Brake: Intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes