Oapl Short Air Walker Moon Boot


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Purpose & Benefits

The OAPL Short Air Walker is designed to immobilise the foot to decrease pain and swelling, promoting faster healing following injuries or surgical procedures.

The OAPL Short Air Walker features an integrated pump and valve to fill an air compartment within the lining of the boot. Air fills space around the foot and ankle to provide light compression as well as arch support, increasing stability of the injury. The air compression is easily adjusted to achieve a custom fit that is able to accommodate changes in swelling throughout the healing process.
This Walker features a rocker sole for added comfort and ease of ambulation, as well as a non-slip sole to protect from slips, providing additional security in each step. The lining is a moisture wicking soft lining to provide ultimate comfort and breathability.

Designed to immobilise the foot or offload areas of the foot following metatarsal fractures, plantar facia tears, bunioneictomies, forefoot soft tissue injuries.


SizeWomens (US)Mens (US)Footbed Length (cm)
X Small4 – 5.5Up to 422.5
Small6 – 84.5 – 6.526
Medium8.5 – 10.57 – 929
Large11 – 12+9.5 – 1230.5
X Large12.5 – 1432.5


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