Medimart has partnered with VIVA - a cooperatively owned organisation that delivers local, personalised health and wellbeing support services through a connected network of dedicated professionals.
VIVA’s progressive team-based service delivery approach empowers its staff to engage and support clients in a way that ensures consistency, reliability and real choice.
VIVA can supply well trained and police cleared support staff to meet a full range of your support needs including, personal care, domestic support, community participation, and bathing & showering.

Viva Services

VIVA’s first self managed teams will operate in the early onset dementia space, offering a range of at home services. We are here to help people to live as independently as possible. This means working in a way that promotes a ‘can do’ attitude and identifies strengths in each individual. It also means being flexible and willing, giving people as much control as possible over the support they receive. We always aim to respond quickly and flexibly to requests for new services, or changes to services, without sacrificing the quality of what we do.

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