Hearing Aids Adelaide

Hearing the sounds of the world is a unique part of life, and one that everyone should get to be part of for as long as possible. With the help of hearing aids, this sensory experience can be prolonged. This article is a short guide on the basics of hearing aids.

Essentially, a hearing aid is a small device worn around the ear the amplifies sound for the wearer. Hearing aids help particularly with hearing loss that comes from damage to the sensory nerve cells in the ear. This type of hearing impairment can be a result of injury, ageing, or disease over time.

A Medimart Audiometrist may be able to help you determine whether your condition warrants the use of a hearing aid and what would be a good fit for you.

Type of hearing aids

There are 3 main types of hearing aid styles:

  • behind-the-ear
  • in-the-ear
  • canal

Behind-the ear

A traditional behind-the-ear model consists of a an inner ear molding, and a cord connecting the molding to a case worn on the back of the ear. That case is where the electronic workings of the hearing aid are held. This is often the most common option, and the best option for children or those with mild hearing loss.

In ear

The in-the-ear model holds the entirety of the hearing aid in the outer ear. It also has the potential for a telecoil modification, which often helps with phone conversations and compatibility with public places that offer induction loop systems-a sound system that transfers electronic sounds directly into the hearing aid.


Canal hearing aids fit almost completely in the ear canal, making them nearly hidden and out of the way. Canal and in-the-ear models are not typically great for children’s use as the sizing can not be changed as the ear grows, but they do work well for adults with more severe forms of hearing loss.

Hearing aid cost

How much does a hearing aid cost? In Australia, the average cost of a hearing aid ranges from approximately $1500 per pair and can go many times that for the top models. The good news is, there are often options for financial assistance to cover hearing aid costs, and insurance eligibility as well.

Caring for your hearing aid

There are several tips on caring for your hearing aids, some of which include keeping them safe from moisture, heat, and hair products, cleaning them regularly to keep them free of ear wax, and replacing dead batteries when needed.

Hearing tests in Adelaide

Our Medimart stores can assist you with free hearing screening and if required, help you find the perfect hearing aid for your situation.

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