Walking Frame Buying Guide

What to look for when buying

When you are looking around at walking frames for sale, there are a few things that you may have to consider.

Frame design

First of all, the quality and the make of the walking frame is important. You may need a wider walking frame if you are not steady on your feet, but if you live in a narrow house, then a smaller frame can help you navigate easily.

If you need help to move forward, a walking frame with wheels may be helpful. Of course, the most important aspect of a walking frame is the weight. If you have a need to lift the frame on occasion, a lightweight walking frame is a great option.

Different product types/styles available

There are many types of walking frame available in the market. Some has wheels and a handbrake, whilst walking frame with a seat is incredibly useful for if you need a break from walking.

When it comes to the options with wheels, you can choose between a 2 wheel walking frame or the popular 3 wheel walking frame option. You can also get them with 4 wheels.

If you are using it to help you do your groceries, then one with a basket might be helpful.

Some walkers come with adjustable handles and seat, but they usually costs a little more.

The use

Walking frames are a suitable tool to help people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, arthritis or vertigo. A walking frame helps keep you steady on your feet, and allows you to be independent. It is a great mobility support tool that improves your social life, and it reduces your risk of falling.

Who can benefit from a mobility frame?

If you need more support than a walking stick, a walking frame might be more suitable. The frames are wider than a stick, providing better support and stability. They can also help you carry your items, or offer you a place to seat when you are tired.

Tips on using your frame

It is important to do a test run when you are buying a walking frame, you may have to learn how to fold and unfold a frame in the instance that you purchase a foldable walking frame.

Check if the handles are adjustable, or if you need handbrakes. If you need help stopping, invest in one with handbrakes. For lightweight around the house use, opt for a smaller and lighter frames to help you navigate small spaces such as an aluminium model. A good tip is to know what you will be needing the frame for.

Walking frame cost

The more bells and whistles you want in your walking frame, the more expensive it will be. The cheapest option starts around $90, and it can go up to several hundreds depending on material, styles, and additional options.

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