Wheelchair Hire Adelaide

We stock an extensive range of wheelchairs for hire or purchase. Example pricing is mentioned below. Call us today to speak with your local Medimart store.

Types of wheelchairs available for hire

Wheelchairs can be either self-propelling (eg an electric wheelchair) or manual/attendant-propelled (eg a transit wheelchair).

Folding vs rigid

Some wheel chairs can be folded down for easy transportation in most suburban vehicles. Others are bulkier and require additional transit space. In many cases, folding wheelchairs are a great short-term hire option.

Powered vs Manual/Attendant-propelled

Manual wheelchairs come with a range of seat widths, foot support options and accessories. You’ll find that powered wheelchairs tend to be a set configuration.

Wheelchair hire cost:

  • 4 Wheel Electric Scooters Hire $50/wk
  • Electric Wheelchairs/Powerchairs Hire $50/wk
  • Transit Wheelchair Hire $25/wk
  • Self Propelled Q/Release Wheelchair Hire $25/wk
  • Bariatric Wheelchairs Hire $35/wk
  • Paediatric Wheelchair Hire $25/wk
  • Tilt & Reclining Wheelchair Hire %55/wk
  • Wheelchair Ramp Hire $25/wk

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to rent a wheelchair for a day?

Wheelchair hire in Adelaide typically costs about $4 per day, as standard transit wheelchairs are hired out on a per-week basis, starting at $25 per week.

Can you hire an electric wheelchair?

Yes. All types of wheelchairs can be hired, including the hire or electric wheelchairs.

How much does it cost to hire an electric wheelchair?

Casual hire from one week to several months is available for electric wheelchairs and scooters and the price starts at $50 per week.

Call 1300 633 063 for your nearest Medimart store to enquire about hiring a wheelchair.