Body Positioning Wedge/Cushion Aligner


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Purpose & Benefits

This side stabiliser pillow can take pressure off of your back or bottom and the bed sores and pain that can come with too much time spent in a single position. And our supportive wedge is secure, comfortable, and more stable than pillows.

The therapeutic foam bed wedge provides the ideal support to elevate your upper body or legs.

Our premium wedge pillow is designed for those suffering from acid re-flux, difficulty breathing, poor circulation, hiatal hernias, back or neck pain. With a comfortable slope, that you can adjust from 40° to 25° to 15º, this bed wedge is a must have.


With our memory foam Body wedge aligner you get the breathable softness and support of ‘open cell’ memory foam.

It moulds to your form as it warms to your body heat and has multiple inserts you can use to change its angle and thus you get truly customised support to meet a variety of issues you or someone you care for might be having.

Our body foam wedge support creates stability in the body helping to keep you in the right position rather than roll onto the back or stomach.



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